PechaKucha Night

This Thursday, 10th March, will be our PechaKucha Night. The evening was suggested by Jane Renton last year. Jane is unable to take part, due to rehearsals, but she referred me to this web site for information:   There is a description of how the format works here.

Jane describes it as a “members night with a twist”. If you would like to join in, please bring 20 images that you would like to show and talk about. The key ingredient isn’t the images themselves but the story you have to tell about them. They don’t need to be good images, and they don’t need to be your work (as long as you acknowledge who created them). Examples might include:

  • The story of a holiday, special occasion, sporting event or an interesting place.
  • A project you are working on.
  • A “how I did it” presentation showing how you created a special effect or a special image.
  • A set of images with a common theme.
  • Images from your family album and/or images of your ancestors.
  • Images from a photographer whose work you admire and would like to emulate.
  • Something else…?

There are two ways in which you can bring your images:

  1. Save your images to a folder (using a name you will recognise) and copy that folder to a USB data stick. Make sure to name your files so the images will display in the correct order when run as a slide show.
  2. Create a Powerpoint presentation containing 20 slides and add each of your images to a new slide. Bring your presentation on a USB data stick (again with a memorable file name). If you can programme the presentation to change slides every 20 seconds, so much the better.

20 images x 20 seconds is 6 minutes 40 seconds. If we can change over within 1 minute, there should be enough time for between 10 and 12 presentations. We have never tried this before, so it might be slightly chaotic, but it should be a lot of fun.