Riding Of The Marches Image Selection

This Thursday, 14th April 2016, we will view and select the images to be included in our exhibition for the 2016 Musselburgh Riding Of The Marches. Please bring along a CD or a USB data stick containing up to 10 of your best or most interesting images of Musselburgh or Fisherrow. The size of the exhibition space has not been finalized yet, but it’s likely we will need up to 40 images. We can show the images in the same way we did for the Pechakucha night and select the best by public vote as we did for the knockout competition.

We also need to prepare our entry for the 2016 SPF Digital Championship. The closing date hasn’t been announced on the SPF web site yet, but we need to have the images ready to go when the upload page opens. Please send your two all time best digital images to George Todd before the AGM.

Information about the Laurie Campbell nature workshops at Edinburgh Zoo can be found here:


For those asking me about the “AAOGlimpse” program I used last week to show photographs as a 3-D surface, it can be obtained from this web page:

This free software was developed by my colleague Keith Shortridge at the Australian Astronomical Observatory. Please acknowledge Keith if you use images generated by this program.