Photo Advice Night and Libby Smith Info

Some news in case you missed it on Thursday:

  • Ken Sharp has now received the notes that Libby Smith said she would send to us. If you would like a copy, please email Ken at the email address on the front of the syllabus. This copy is for you own use. Please do not share it outside the club or publish it.
  • The presentation I gave last week is now available on the web site.
  • We are also looking for some volunteers to present their work at the Members Evening on 10th November. Please let Ken know if you have some interesting photographs to show us. Perhaps you have been on a recent holiday, visited a special event or have tried something new?
  • Next week is Photo Advice Night.
    • Please bring along a print you would like to share – perhaps something interesting or something you would like feedback on? The print doesn’t need to be mounted (although you can mount it if you’d like feedback on the mounting).
    • If you would like feedback from everybody in the room (rather than just the people sharing your table), please write a title on the back of your print. We’ll use the titles to identify the prints and write down the feedback.
  • The submission date for the Colour Print competition is 13th October 2016. Please remember this time you need to provide 3 digital JPEG copies in addition to the prints.

See you on Thursday,