Reminder: Digital knockout competition on 23rd March

Hello everyone. I have returned from the Netherlands and will see you at the “Bad weather” set subject competition this Thursday.

A reminder that the Thursday after that (23rd March) we have the digital knockout competition with a “Still Life” theme. Unlike the other competitions, you don’t need to submit your digital images in advance; just bring your image with you on the night on a CD or USB data stick (and come early so we can load all the images up before we start). If you don’t have a suitable USB or can’t come early, you can email the image to George during the week. The images will be judged by members on the night, and there will be a special mystery prize for the winner.

“Still life” means photographing any group of inanimate objects  (e.g. food, flower arrangements, pebbles, crystals, sea shells, toys, books, household items, etc…) in a way that makes an interesting image. Have a look around your house and garden see what ideas you can find. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.