10 March 2022 (Swedish Interclub)

Another year has gone by very quickly, and this week we were delighted to be once again joined by members from Mölnlycke Fotoclubb, in Gothenburg, Sweden for our annual interclub meeting. This time Musselburgh Camera Club members met at the Fisherrow Centre, or by Zoom, and joined Mölnlycke Fotoclubb members by Zoom.

The evening began with Musselburgh members reviewing the 17 images submitted by Mölnlycke Fotoclubb. Members commented on the images and then voted for their top 3 favourites. The most popular images were:

  • 1st place (9 votes)
    • A beautiful long exposure image of a woodland stream. We really liked the contrast between the sharp display of leaves in the foreground and the milky water leading your eye to the background.
  • 2nd place (8 votes)
    • A beautiful, misty and artistic image of a group of reflected trees. We liked the minimalist nature of this well-composed image.
  • 3rd equal (7 votes)
    • A well captured image of a child on a swing surrounded by a deserted beach.
  • 3th equal (7 votes)
    • A street photography image of a musician playing in front of some window dummies. We liked the “footwear and accessories” theme and the almost perfect exposure.
  • 4th place (6 votes)
    • A striking image of frost patterns on a window which looked like the side view of a woman’s head and shoulders. The colours and textures on this image looked like abstract art.
  • 5th place (5 votes)
    • A colourful, misty panorama of trees blending into a glorious orange sky.

Mölnlycke Fotoclubb members then commented on our 19 images, classifying them into “winners” and “almost winners”.

  • Winners:
    • Stylish (Carol Edmund).
    • Misty Morning Loch Ard (Mike Clark).
    • Chaffinch Affection (Malcolm Roberts).
  • Almost winners:
    • Candlemakers (George Todd).
    • Trees (Kevin Johnson).
    • Flooded Park (Joe Fowler).

Well done to Carol, Mike, Malcolm, George, Kevin and Joe for impressing the Mölnlycke Fotoclubb members It was good to catch up everyone again. Roll on next year…

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