Free Flash Lighting Seminars on Wed 7th December

Jacobs Cameras at the west end of Edinburgh are holding a couple of free workshops by Jayce Clarke this Wednesday 7th December on the use of Speedlites on and off camera.  The first one is between 10:00am and 1:00pm and another between 2:00pm and 5:00pm.  There were still places left today so if you fancy trying it, call the shop on 221 0765 to book a slot.

I’m working otherwise I’d love to have gone!

Cheers, Dougie

Ullswater Steamer Workshop with Val Corbett

I went on a landscape photography workshop with Val Corbett when I was down in the Lake District in October.  Val is a very famous local landscape photographer who has published many books on the Lakes – the equivalent of our Colin Baxter or Colin Prior really – you’ll see her books in all the local shops if you’re ever down there.  She’s got a new one coming out soon all about shooting the Lakes in bad weather…..which brings me on to the Workshop!  It took place on The Lady of The Lake, one of the beautiful old steam boats on Ullswater, arguably the prettiest of all the Lakes.  Unfortunately, the weather was that bad – and we’re talking 60mph winds here – the boat had to return to shore rather promptly and we continued the workshop aboard!  Because of the conditions, Val set us the task of finding alternatives to landscapes – something which I found very interesting and well out of my comfort zone.  Val runs these courses a couple of times a year and I would thoroughly recommend trying one if you’re in the area.  Very reasonable at £26 for five and a half hours.  Her website is easily found with a quick Google. Here’s a few of my shots from the day – not a Lee Big Stopper in sight either, which is very difficult for me I’ll have you know!

The last one was taken through the wet etched glass window of the coffee shop at the Ullswater Steamer Terminal and is my own personal favourite from the day!

Thanks for looking.


Northumberland Revisited

Went back to Northumberland for another long weekend.  This place just gets better every time I visit it!  Stayed at a great camping and caravan site at West Kyloe farm – just opposite Holy Island.  Weather wasn’t too bad this time considering the terrible forecast and I managed to get a few shots in.

1 Dunstanburgh Castle – Revisited

Couldn’t resist another crack at this classic Joe Cornish viewpoint – must take wellies next time!


2 Causeway Reflection

This was taken on a gorgeous sunny evening on the Holy Island Causeway just as the tide was almost up to high water – then a massive rain storm came in from the left and changed everything!  Again, must take wellies next time!


3 Causeway – Revisited

This was another attempt at my shot of the Causeway bridge from earlier this year, but this time with some nice clouds.  Just before high tide again…you’ve guessed it….very wet feet again!

Like I said before, this is a great place for a day or weekend’s shoot and well worth a visit. Most people just drive past this area on the A1 heading south – I certainly used to do that myself – but some of the beaches and rocky outcrops are simply stunning!  All very dependant on the tides so check your times before you go!

All shots using Canon 50D with Canon 10-22mm lens and Lee 10 stopND and 3 stop ND grad filter combination.

Thanks for looking.