Tuesday Post processing groups- going forward

Dear all

I’ve been heartened at the general turnout for the group- I estimate that we’ve had between a third and  half of all individual club members come along at different times over the 4 sessions.  

One of the main issues for me is that I’m not a photoshop expert, nor a teacher- on this basis I look at what I want to do and try to find a means of covering that at the groups.  That will only work for so long and to make it relevant going forward it would help to have feedback from you on what you would like from a post processing workshop.  That would be topics, tasks, level of expertise, how the workshops are approached- anything really that will maintain interest and help us all improve our post processing skills.

If you could provide your comments through the website in response to this post then that will let everyone see what is being asked for and feed from others thoughts.

Next workshop is planned for 3rd Thursday in September- 19th September I make it and I’d like some time over the summer to prepare for this.

Jim Tod