I think we had an interesting informal meeting last night, John Knox did an excellent job passing relevant comments on the images that members brought in and there was some ‘good banter’ going on.
I do however forgive him for ‘talking rubbish’ about my print!!!

Another good thing revealed itself last night was that the standard of the print mounting had substantially improved since Del gave his demonstration and
going by the way the photo mount adhesive sold out last night it looks like things ‘can only get better’ . There is one can left, but if more people would like to purchase a can (£11) I can start another list
and if we get sufficient interest we can order more.

Next week is the ‘postponed’ Portrait Competition, so that should prove to be interesting, especially to those members who attend the Portrait Workshops, perhaps it will give us something else to strive for.

I shall be ‘off air’ for all of February, so please refer to your syllabus for the meetings in Feb. and if you cannot find it you can always refer to the web site   http://www.musselburghcameraclub.org.uk

Hope to see most of you next week