Last week I did not think that I could make this meeting, however I am glad I came along.

We had 54 Portrait images – 53 people and one dog (disallowed) – from 18 members and Ian Murphy had his work cut out judging such a range of subjects.

He  described the advantages and problems of each image and gave some good advice. As usual there are two types of image, those that appeal as family shots which ‘granny’ can hang on the wall
to those that had real ‘pow’ and impact that are more suited to Club competitions.

Sherlock Holmes would have been a good portrait photographer – he was renowned for seeing detail that others did not notice – hair strands across face etc, bra straps and items that could have been hidden
with slight adjustment of hair and clothing. Correct lighting is essential, blown out highlights to be avoided and lighten dark areas, unless they add to the image, avoiding distracting objects in the background.

Many problems can simply be cropped or cloned out. Slight use of dodge, burn and level tools can make all the different.

Much to think about, but only practice and making the mistakes will help us all to improve.

See you all in March.