Reports were given, by the Secretary, the Treasurer  and the Competition Secretary and these can be summed up by:-

“Well attended and interesting meetings, we are solvent (just) and we won all our inter club competitions.”

The following Officers and committee members were elected:-

Chairman                          Clive Davies

Vice Chairman                  Joe Fowler

Secretary                          Anita Nutter

Treasurer                         David Howie

Competition Secretary    Delvin Stonehill

Webmaster                        Rob McCann

Members                           John Knox, Charles Briggs, Malcolm Roberts, Liz Sowler

A discussion took place on the website and Flickr – the website still needs a lot more material including images for the Gallery, if you have not already done so please select up to 12 of your best images, resize them to 100/96 dpi with the longest side being 1400 pixels and email them to Rob :-

If everything can be brought together we should be able to go ‘live’ in June.

Ideas for the ‘Set Subject’ were offered and voted on, through dubious double voting, some two hands being shown by some and  an even more dubious count it was agreed that the subject would be ‘Abstract’.

This could prove to be very interesting, interpret it as you may and use the imagination. Try putting your camera on manual and vary the exposure etc, use long time exposures and see what you can create, even without the use of Photoshop.

Anita , the winner of last years competition will be doing the judging and she has a full understanding of this type of image, and Dell is the master of it, with or without the ‘moon’.

We will also be having the normal club competitions:- Portrait, Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints and Projected images, plus the odd image of the month, so there is plenty to aim for, but remember it is participating not winning that really counts.

The main message from the meeting is that not only are we a club but are a ‘working team’, so that everyone can not only get something out of the club membership but they can contribute to making things even better.

Photography is to be enjoyed, winning competitions is not relevant, it is liking what you do and learning from others in order to continue to improve your knowledge and skills.

See you at the ‘Shoots’.