Club Meeting Thursday 6th October 2011

Last night I discussed some salient points in respect of Portrait Techniques. I  demonstrating how to deal with lighting, which is the most important element in any photography, how to correctly deal with your  model  and getting the surroundings right, then points on using the camera, after which I showed a Power Point presentation which hopefully  illustrated most of the points

I hope that members found it interesting and will assist them in order to get together three print images for submission to the Portrait Human Competition to be handed in at the meeting on Thursday 20th October, participation of all members would be good without any worries what a judge will say.

I am prepared to have a one off workshop for members who have not attended any of my other portrait workshops – I will need to book a model from the Arts School who are used to having a group – but this will need to be self funding including the room hire – we need six members and will need to charge £7.50 each which will only just cover the costs. So please send me an e mail if you wish to ‘have a go’.

One of the comments made by Michael Thompson was about black mounts. We sell either ivory or black mounts and there is absolutely nothing wrong in using black – I personally prefer it as I think that it shows off an image  – So make up your own minds but certainly do not be put off black mounts.
We had a good standard of submissions for the ‘colour prints – and although the majority of them were mounted correctly, we did have  problems with some of them, where glue or tape damaged other prints, a lot of effort goes into taking photos, printing and mounting, so to spoil things, especially other peoples work is a real shame – so would everyone invest in using a quality adhesive – we strongly recommend  3M red photo mount which can be purchased on line.

Also  a print was damaged by the ink coming off of the back onto the front of an image. Please either use labels or a permanent marker pen when putting title and club number on the reverse of your print.

Next week, without glue problems we are having Dougie Allan, from Beeslack CC who will be judging the 96  Projected Images entries – so come along and hear his comments so that we can take them to pieces afterwards!

Hope to see you all next week.