Projected Image Competition

I now have the results from Thursday’s ‘Projected Image Comp.’ and I detail a quote from Del

‘ I think that the members work was pretty good, with a wide range of subject matter, and members followed instructions better than last year, although there were a lot of members who put in a mix of JPegs and Tiffs.’ We did ask for jpegs.

So Del thought that there was a good standard although we did have some ‘odd’ comments from the judge, but certainly some of the skies could have been improved by using a polarizer filter. I have one but have not really got on with it, so I will try to have another go with it and see if it does improve skies etc. Del have also commented in the past the  it is important to look at ‘levels’ on each image and adjust it if necessary by looking at the histogram.

Help to do this can be available in the pre meeting workshop 7-7.30pm on a club night by John Napier and Photoshop Elements – if you want to take advantage of this e mail me or speak to John. Also, as I have mentioned before if there are any other subjects that could be fitted into this time slot, then let me know.

Next week Jennifer & Rob will take the stage and show and talk about pictures that they have taken and circumstances involving the taking – sounds very interesting and should be entertaining.

Please also bring along up to three Human Portrait print images, please refer to our rules  and ensure that you put your club number and titlte on the back – please keep the title short and either use a permanent pen or a typed label. Your co-operation in  putting in images that do not damage other peoples work would be appreciated.

The points were very close but the members with the top six points are as follows:-

1. Dougie Williams  & Anita Nutter both with 55 points

2. Scott Currie with 53 points

3. Jennifer Davidson with 52 points

4. Charlie Briggs, Rob McCann and Del Stonehill with 51 points

5. Ken Sharp, Kenny Walker & Joe Fowler with 50 points

6. Derek Stein with 49 points.

I am away next week, so you can have a rest from me and have to put up with Joe Fowler!!