Members Evening

I have received an e mail from Joe telling me how well last Thursday meeting went. He says that club members Jennifer and Rob gave two excellent presentations which depicted two very different styles of images and the way they approach their hobby. They get out there with their camera and ‘just enjoy’ photography and producing images that they are happy with and get satisfaction from without thinking what judges will think if they put them into a competition.

This is what it is all about, getting enjoyment out of what you do. Clubs have to have competitions, it is something to work towards and can help to concentrate the mind with the aim of making progress and improvement in your own work. It is also an opportunity
to see other members work and pick up ideas and knowledge.

Next week
we are having what is termed ‘An Appraisal Evening’ – but do not be put of by the title. We have held these before and they can be entertaining. So will every member please bring in ONE print each (put your club number andtitle on the back)and give it to David Howie on arrival. Any subject, colour or B & W.

With club competitions we do have a rule that you should not put in images which you have used in previous competitions (although some members on the projected images forgot this).

However this time you can if you wish bring along an image that might have been commented on before and you have made changes.

Two ‘experienced’ members will then make comments on them (usually polite!)and at the end of the meeting everyone will be asked to look at all the images and vote for the one they like the best.

MCC Christmas Dinner Thursday 15th December

Joe has booked the Ravelston Hotel in Musselburgh, where we have had excellent evenings over the past few years. It is a greatopportunity for everyone to ‘let their hair down’, forget all about photography and have a good evening socialising with your fellow members. I do not have details as to the costings but will let you have these next week.

Please add your name to the list on the notice and asap give a deposit of £10 to Liz Sowler.