Appraisal Evening

We only had fourteen entries for last nights ‘Appraisal Evening’ – which was an opportunity missed by many members to have guidance given on some of their work.
However Del and Joe were able to constructively comment on the images, giving many useful pointers which we could all benefit from. So bring up your image on your computer
and make the changes and see how they look, if you don’t like it, don’t save it!

Next week
we have Liz Cole, who is a very experienced professional photographer, who has covered all aspects of photography but now specialises in  plant
photography, she is under contract to a garden and plant photography agency and her work is published in books, magazines, newspapers and calenders
throughout the UK and Europe. She runs photography workshops at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh and gives talks to various clubs and societies.
Flowers might not be your favoured subject, but I am confident that there will be many aspects of her talk that will certainly be of benefit to all.

Christmas Dinner, we now have a ‘growing list’ – so please put your name on asap, so that we can make a final booking. If you cannot come to the next couple of meetings
please send me an  e mail and I can add it. Cost of meal is £19.95, with a £10 deposit to Liz Sowler.

Del wants us to enter the ‘Photographic Alliance of Great Britain’ competition again this year – last year we came 15th out of the whole of the UK, which was an excellent result.
But we need to have entries to submit – please therefore look through your images and send one, two or three to Del via e mail ( ) – he will come back to you
if he wants to use an image so that he can get a higher resolution for submission.

Hope to see you all next week.