Club Meeting 24.11.2011

Andy Bennetts gave us his insight into ‘Capturing Sport’ with an illustrated talk about the many ways that he uses to get real action images.
A long lens, high speed (1000 -1200) and an open aperture (2.8) – this freezes the action and puts the background out of focus. Using manual focus and estimating where the main subject
will be when you press the button or use tracking focus if your camera has this. Motor drive and taking dozens of shots and you just might capture that special picture.

We had a committee meeting last Tuesday and it was decided:-

1. That the presentation of Trophies will now be held on the same night as the AGM on 12th April, followed by a party. This will free up the first meeting in Sept 12 to be more interesting for existing and new members.

2. I mentioned last week about our set subject ‘Abstract’ – Anita will be doing the judging and will pick the first three places plus three runner ups, the images will be commented on by her, but points will not be awarded and this comp will not count towards  the ‘Photographer of the Year’ award.

This will leave it open to put in up to three images and give the scope to have some real fun.

I would like for everyone and I mean everyone to have a go and put at least one image in and make them as quirky, funny or what ever you like.

So think about it, use your imagination and let us have them on 5th Jan.

Next week we have the four way club comp against Haddington, Stirling and Edinburgh, we have booked the large room (room 32) at the Fisherrow Centre, so please will everyone make a real effort to come along and give your support to the club.

We will be having a party afterwards.

Joe is holding at Workshop at Southfields this Sat 10-12noon –

‘Camera Controls’ and ‘Good & Bad Portraits’ If you are interested e mail him on

I repeat -‘Please make a real effort to come along next week’.