Club Meeting 01.12.11

What an amazing meeting we had last night with the four way inter-club competition, against Haddington, Stirling and Edinburgh.
We had a good turnout of our own members and four guests from Stirling, three from Haddington but sadly only the judge came from Edinburgh, although he did say that he was not involved with the group that put in the images for competitions.

Sandy Cleland, FRPS, APIAF, was an excellent judge who said that he was very impressed with the standard of the work submitted.

The results were:-

!st   Musselburgh   268 points
2nd Stirling            253 points
3rd  Edinburgh       245 points
4th  Haddington     238 points

Afterwards we had a superb banquet, a member of Stirling CC actually took a picture of it to take back as they are hosting next years comp.
Many thanks to Liz and her team  for organising it.

Next week we have the last meeting at Fisherrow this calendar year, where Ross will put on a fun evening, so please make an effort to come along.
The following Thursday will be our Christmas Dinner to round off our first half of this season.

Abstract is the set subject and I am expecting that everyone will put in at least one image (max 3) to be handed in at our first meeting in 2012 on Thursday 5th Jan.
So please get working on it before Christmas gets in the way.

On Monday 12th Dec. we are visiting Kirkcaldy CC, we have 12 members on the list to go, owing to traffic and road works we will need to leave Fisherrow at 6pm.


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  1. Don’t forget the change of venue for Kirkcaldy which can be found on their web site

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