Club Meeting 12.01.12

A real successful evening last where, despite my worries, we had a large submission of ‘Abstract’ prints and in Anita’s words ‘were all of a very high standard’.
All very different with a lot of thought and effort put in to create some really interesting images, many with a true ‘wow’ factor.

It was decided to have a second view of the images at our meeting on 26th Jan, where it would be interesting for the ‘authors’ to give a brief comment on how
they went about to make their creation.

The mount quality was also to a higher standard than we have had before, with only about three members putting in ‘over large’ mounts, please keep the maximum size of
mounts to 50cmx40cm – if using the max  mount size, adjust  your image to a size that will fit the mount, but leaving a suitable amount of surround in order to give it the
right balance. If you need guidance on mounts see Charlie Briggs.

Next week will everyone please bring one print for the ‘Appraisal’ evening – much can be learnt by this and it give members the opportunity to see other members work.

Midlothian Camera Club wish to postpone out inter – club comp. therefore the away match on 24th Jan will not now take place.

There are two local competitions which you may wish to enter:-

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh – – closing date May

Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society –  – closing date 21sr Feb.

See you all next week.