Club Meeting 19.01.12

We carried out our second ‘Image Appraisal’ evening, which had a larger entry than the earlier session, but it would be to everyone’s advantage if all members brought along a single image that could have constructive comments made, together with ‘hopefully’ some hints on general photography. Our next session will be on Thursday 15th March,
so please put aside an image which can be used for this exercise.

We are now developing the syllabus for next year and have taken into account the feed back which many members sent into me. One suggestion was to have a meeting where an image could be shown on ‘screen’ as to how the image was taken through Photoshop in order to create the final image.

Del has agreed to hold a session in September to do this, but wants to take it further, and would like to have images e mailed to him from members, where he can then take them through Photoshop and then present these (explaining the procedure)so that we can all see how, with a few ‘tweaks’  they can look so much better.

This will take quite a lot of work and time, so will you all pick out an  image as soon as possible and e mail it to,
if we do not get the impute we will not get the benefit from this exercise.

Confirming that the meeting on 24th Jan with Midlothian CC has been cancelled.

Next week we will have a review of the excellent entries for the ‘Abstract’ Comp.