Club Meeting 26.01.12

Welcome to Kirstie our newest member  to join us.

Fisherrow now have  Wi-Fi so Rob and Dougie were able to demonstrate the benefits of joining the the ‘Post’ facility where we can use this to communicate with all members of the club, thus keeping everyone up to date with what is going on.

Plus members can also sign up to ‘Log in’ and ”Post’ their own comments and ideas or photo opportunities which can be shared by all. But if you have not signed up to ‘Post’ then e mail your comment or idea to Rob at:-  and he will put on for you.

Members if they wish can go further and join the Flickr group and load on their own photos and get comments from other members – usually very constructive.

My aim is to have everyone ‘signed up’ by the end of February and then I can use the ‘Post’ to send out my comments and dispense with my ‘Group’ e mail.

Members who have signed up will currently get two e mails one from me and the other via the site, I will take names off of my ‘Group’ as I am advised of those that have signed which will solve this duplication.

You can either follow the instruction as shown on web site or during the next two meeting Rob and  co will sign you up via the club’s laptop.

We then went on to discuss how the entries for the ‘Abstract’ competition were set up. Each ‘author’ described on what was involved and the effort that went in to make their creation.

One member involved the whole family, wife manipulating  the subject, daughter holding the reflector and almost a divorce owing to the never ending re-takes, but the end result which we all agreed was really remarkable.

There were many tales about the effort that went into achieving the images and illustrated the dedication and how talented we can all be when we put our mind to it, looking for pictures that most people will just ‘walk’ past and not notice.

Next week we will have the Monochrome Print Competition, which is the last comp. this season. We had a good number of entries, so it will be interesting to see what our external judge, Dr Neil Scott thinks of them.

Please make a real effort to come along.