Club Meeting 03.02.12

We were very fortunate to have Neil Scott who has had 60 years in photography and has had over 400 images accepted by International competitions to judge our monochrome print competition last night.He admitted that he was a hard marker and as such any image with a 14 plus score was a good image, with those with a lower score were still OK but needed further work on them. He gave some good guidance on how images could have been improved along with an amusing delivery.

He pointed out that a mono images is not just a converted colour print, but the picture should be taken with a mono print in mind, so as to get appropriate shadows and highlights that suite this medium. There were a number of images that could have been improved with just a slight adjustment by using ‘levels’,it is worth with all images to check the contrast by levels and see if it does improve it.

Anyone that need help here ( plus cropping and cloning)can get practical advice from 7-7.30pm prior to the meeting. To arrange, see John Napier or  me.
With one exception
(mount slightly over sized) the print  mounting was excellent last night, again if anyone needs advice here this please see Charlie Briggs.

The points awarded were very close last night and the top ones were:-

Delvin Stonehill       –  57
Joe Fowler              –  52
Anita Nutter            –  52
Dougie William       –  50
Charlie Briggs        –  50
Terry May               –  49
Jennifer Davidson   – 49
Malcolm Roberts     – 48
Clive Davies            – 48
Liz Sowler               – 47

Next week we have Mark Davey from Calumet who gave us an excellent talk on wedding photography a couple of seasons ago, his subject this time
is ‘Movement in Action’ – really worth coming along to.

To those members who have not yet ‘signed up to the MCC web site please do so, Dougie will at the club from 7pm next week and will assist you to sign up if required.
My aim is to have everyone on board by the end of Feb.

See you all next week.