Club Meeting 20.09.12

We had the benefit of Mark Davey from Calumet last night to introduce us into the skills of using ‘Flash Photography’. One of his main points was to, in the main, disregard the ‘speed’ and to select the appropriate ‘aperture’ and focusing depending on the depth of field that we  want.

The easy way is by utilizing TTL (through the lens metering) so that the camera can determine the amount of light required based on the setting you have put in. This should give a balance overall lighting effect, especially for ‘fill in flash’. which can make a selection of an image stand out even in daylight.

However to get it ‘really right’ you need to work on manual and use a separate light meter to take a reading of the area that really matters and set the camera accordingly.

He also showed us some real professional equipment which if you can come up with £6-8 grand and have a strong arm you can have a powerful mobile studio lighting – beyond most of us, but worth knowing about.

Pop into Calumet (address on their web site) this Saturday and save 20% on their own brand equipment.

Next week we have a talk by Rod Wheelans on the PAGB awards – certainly worth coming along to.

When David Howie gets the pre booked tickets for the Charlie Waite talk he will swop them with those who put their names down for the £10 fee.

I have now received 31 entries for the Digital Image Comp. – if anyone else wants to enter, please e mail me two Jpeg images by this Sunday AM at the latest, as I will be sending the final CD to the judge on Monday.

Remember to go along to record some of the ‘Battle of Prestonpans’ this Saturday & Sunday – full details on their web site.

Hope to see you all next week – the tea and biscuits are free, so stay behind after the main meeting and have a chat – just ‘barge in and join a conversation – this is what I do!