Club Meeting 27.09.12

I hope that everyone who has joined the club this year are getting my e mails – we aim to get better use of the web site and those members who have ‘signed up’ to the web site also get an e mail  notification of the ‘chairman’s report’ which is a duplicate of the e mail I send out.

So our plan, over the next few weeks,  is to enter all members names on the web site so as to cut out this duplication. A further benefit will be to receive additional posts and notices automatically sent to your ‘in box’. If any member does not want for this to be done then let me know and we will take you off, lets give it a try and the benefits will be apparent.

Last week Mark Davy spoke about ‘flash photography’, instead of spending out £6 grand, I use a useful piece of kit which is a soft box by Lastolite ‘Ezybox, which cost £50 on Amazon. This fits onto a flash gun and is excellent for ‘fill in light’ and a softer light for general use, also no red eye. There was not time last night to show you this, so I will bring it along to a future meeting.

We had 34 members enter the Digital Image Competition which will be screened and judged next Thursday.  the next one is the ‘Colour Print Competition’ – I would like to see a higher entry so will everyone have a go. Last week I sent an e mail giving details, but if anyone has any queries  or requires help, please ask.

I shall be away for the next two weeks, so Joe will ‘front’ next week and on Thursday 11th October David Howie ‘will be in charge’.  On the 11th there is a change in the programme, the Portrait Photography will be replace by something very different,  Mike Clark will give us an illustrated talk, with sound, on ‘underwater photography’. So now you can add a wet suite to your Christmas list!

Last night Rod Wheelans, supported by his wife Ann  enlightened us on the PAGB awards and what to look for and how we could further develop our skills. He described how the judging takes place and what they look for in respect of the quality of the photo and the presentation. There are three grades of qualification, ‘Credit’, which based on the example that Rod showed us I am sure that many of our members could achieve. With a little more development and help many more of our members could also have a go for it.

The second award is ‘Distinction’ which has much higher expectations and the top one is Master, not only Rod and Ann have achieved this, when living in Southampton Del Stonehill achieved this and obtained the highest marks ever awarded.

Full details of the PAGB can be seen on the web site:-   www.

Be reassured that you do not have to aim to get such qualifications, just enjoy your hobby and you only need to get involved if you want to, the club will support you and your development based on what you want not what we want.

Next week we will see the 68 Digital Images and get the reaction of the Judge, take on board what he says, if you do not agree with any comment or mark (you will be in good company);  what matters is if you like it  ‘it is OK’.

Two garments were left last night, they are in the Fisherrow Office.