Club Meeting 22.11.12

The twenty members who visited the Beeslack Camera club last night had an excellent evening listening to an illustrated talk by Charlie Waite, the well known landscape photographer. He gave a lot of informative advice, the main one being to see in your mind what the image that you want to end up with and then take time and care to get it right, especially with the light. Try not to compromise, take time for as long as it takes or go back another day. If things are not right, don’t waste time in taking the image.

His mono images were  superb, although some of our judges would not think so! His main point was that if you want to take mono select the subject for that purpose, don’t take colour image and then just try it in mono.

Much food for thought.

Remember that our first competition in the New Year is for Monochrome Prints, so start thinking about this and get two prints ready for submission.

Next week we are back at Fisherrow where we have our ‘experimental’ evening when everyone needs to bring along a print and to repeat myself from last week:-

” It does not need to be mounted and in this case ‘size does not matter’. Neither does it need to be of competition quality, just one that you like or would like to have advice on.

We will then be setting up seven table and the idea is to have a group at each table (headed by a member of the committee) hopefully all will discuss each of the images on the table and after about twenty minutes to move to another table”.


See you all next week – picture in hand!