Club Meeting 29-11-12

I think that we had a very successful evening last night, everyone brought in a print, all of which would require extra work, which was exactly what was needed. All members were able to discuss the various issues and make comments as to how they could be improved.

We therefore had everyone on a group basis discussing photos and hopefully picking up ideas and guidance which they can utilise in their own ‘learning curve’.

We will build this exercise into next year’s syllabus.

Next week we have another ‘relaxed’ meeting, which we will again have on a group basis, a quiz, based on photography. This is the last Fisherrow meeting for 2012, the following week we will be having our Christmas Dinner at the Ravelston Hotel.

On Thursday 20th December we can meet up at the gates of Fisherrow and Joe will lead a trip into Edinburgh ‘he knows the hot spots’, where we can capture some of the night life!

Remember that we will be taking in submissions for the ‘Monochrome’ comp. at our first meeting in 2013, on Thursday 3rd Jan. If you cannot make this meeting we will also take in ‘late entries’ the following week 10th Jan.

Thinking Caps on – You have until 7th March to come up with ‘an abstract’ print image, which can also include an image which may not be true abstract but is somewhat ‘way out’. Look around you and rise to this challenge. The competition will be judged by Jennifer who was the winner last year, when we had a good number of some very inspirational entries.

It looks like we will be getting some ‘frosty’ opportunities this week, so rap up warm and get out there.