Club Meeting 07.03.13

Our annual meeting with the Musselburgh Art Club, yet again proved to be an excellent and entertaining evening. With a high number of members from both clubs, which nearly filled the large room at Fisherrow

Peter Grey, who was an art teacher, discussed the medium and composition of the 35 paintings that had been brought along. Pointing out the different approach to the subjects and the techniques used to achieve a pleasing result.

Joe Fowler discussed a full range of photographic work by MCC members, describing how Photoshop skills helped to make a ‘straight snap’ into an interesting and agreeable image that can stand along with ‘painted art’.

There was a good range of subjects, which reflected the skills and dedication of both these mediums and proved that to obtain good results you need imagination and developing skills, but most of all to get satisfaction from one’s work and effort.

Abstract/Qwerty Competition , if you could not manage to bring in your entries last night, then please bring them along next week so that Jennifer can get them ready for comments on 21st March.

Next week we have the four way competition against Beeslack, Haddington and Midlothian. There will be ten prints and ten projected images from each club, so we will have eighty images for the judge Richard Bingham to judicate on. So please come along and support the club and meet members from the other clubs. We again will be in room 32.