Club Meeting 21.02.13

A very interesting AV evening last, Out of this World by Steven Beard and Around the World in 20 minutes by Malcolm Roberts. Steve took us to Chile to see the landscape getting there and much of it actually looked like the Moon. He was the IT part of a commissioning team that was setting up a massive radio telescope, which we saw being assembled and then had some amazing photos of nebulae and stars – Patrick Moore would certainly liked to have seen his AV.

With Malcolm we were able to see most of the American canyons, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and even Prestonpans among many other places. The selection of music on both AV’s were appropriate and tied in with the images.

Well done to both of you, it will be a good start to the new set up AV group.

From last week it seemed to be confirmed that there are real benefits in having a comprehensive ‘Data Base’ of images that represent the work of club members.

I unfortunately  have a ‘hang up’ that when I have an idea that I think really works that I am like a dog with a bone – once my teeth are in it I don’t let go. The ‘Data Base’ is my current ‘bone’, so I would like all members to get involved in this scheme and let me have new images and updated images, when improvements are made so that the data can be updated and improved upon. Just put them on the ‘Club CD’ and I will do the rest.

However any member that does not wish to be involved, like all good web sites ‘can unsubscribe’ – just let me know and give back the CD and then I will not ‘hound’ them.

With the two workshops under way in respect of AV and Photoshop these should help and encourage members to make the most of their images and presentations.

If anyone else have any ‘bone’ ideas, let me know and we can investigate them.

Next week we have Duncan Forbes from the National Portrait Gallery, which holds Scotland’s Photographic Collection.

The following week, 7th March(note we will be in room 32) we have an evening with Musselburgh Art Club where we will be comparing the two arts. Please also bring in your ‘Set Subject’ prints (abstract or some thing quirky).

Worth Visiting – award-winning photographer Laurie Campbell’s exhibition at SOC Waterston House, Aberlady. Closes on 27th  April.