Club Meeting 05.12.13

There was a couple of members who are interested in starting a new ‘portrait/model workshop’ – if you would like to join this group please let me know so that arrangements can be made.

Martin is now anxious to collect the balance due on our Christmas dinner, if you have not already done so please ‘pay up’ next week, if you cannot make the meeting please send him an e mail and confirm that you will pay on the 19th or if you put your name on the list and cannot now make it please let me know so that I can cancel the place as I do not want the club to be out of pocket.

We had the advantage last night of meeting again Sandy Cleland who is a Fellow of the Photographic Society – earlier this year Sandy was invited to join the exclusive and prestigious London Salon of Photography –  there are only 43 members worldwide – it is one of the highest honours a photographer can receive – a great achievement.

Sandy gave us a very constructive workshop by giving comments and guidance on how our images could be greatly improved, he stated the most of the portrait images were well captured but by better processing they could be substantially improved. We need to take these comments on board and put these into action and get the most out of our images.

Only by doing this will we develop our skills and get more satisfaction from our hobby. If you do manage to make these improvements I would be grateful if you would e mail me with an updated image so that we can continue to improve the club’s data base which helps us to select images for future competitions.

Next week we will be challenged by Ross Anderson entertaining quiz. I will also screen the images that we submitted for the four way competition on Monday and try to summarise the comments made by the judge – both of these items could be quite amusing.


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  1. I’d certainly be up for some of the portrait sessions, can’t comit to regular weekly times though due to work but if theres dates i can make, count me in



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