Club Meeting 12.12.13

Last night we were able to have a look at the images that were used at the 4 way competition at Edinburgh on 2nd Dec. Hopefully it illustrated how opinion of different judges and their comments varied. It is up to us if we agree or take notice of the comments.

We also reviewed the Portrait comp. In many cases the points raised are valid and I hope that it will give encouragement for members to see if the observations can improve their images.

Some members have done this and have sent me the revised image for the Club’s data base. I hope that last night proved the benefits of doing this.

2014 will soon be on us, so just some reminders:-

First meeting on 9th Jan – we will screen two sets of images from the Dingwall National Image Competition.

Jan 16theveryone to bring along a print and we will have a ‘knockout comp’ where we will put up two images at a time and members will vote for one of them and then re cycle until we end up with a final selection. We can also have an informal critique of the images.

Jan 23rd – The AV group will give us a presentation of their work -please come along and support your colleagues. You also need to bring in up to three prints for the set subject comp – ‘Street Photography’.

Jan 30th – Anita and Kevin will let us have an insight into their interest in photography.

Note the 23rd & 30th have been swopped around from those on the printed syllabus.

Looking forward to our Christmas Dinner next week at the Ravelston Hotel – 7 for 7.30pm

To those members who are not able to come along next week have a great Christmas and a ‘Clicking’ New Year.