New Year Resolution


Lets all of us make and keep a New Year Resolution:-

‘To improve our photography and develop our skills so that it becomes more rewarding and satisfying’.

Try to get the image in the camera as good as possible and use Photoshop to ‘Enhance’ the image and not to just correct ‘shooting mistakes’.

  • For correct exposure – use the ‘histogram’ not the preview.
  • For sharpness and depth of field then look at the preview and enlarge it to see the detail.
  • If necessary capture more than you want and then ‘crop’ – you can take away but not add after the event!
  • Especially with zoom lenses make sure you are using the correct speed (unless you are using a tripod)– focal length equals at least speed – 50mm 60th –  100mm 125th – 200 250th.
  • Understand what ‘a stop of light’ means (it doubles up current setting)
    • Aperture – 2.8 – 5.6 -11 -22
    • Speed –  30 – 60 – 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000
    • ISO – 100 – 200 – 400 – 800 -1600
    • Try to photograph images that shows that you have thought about it and considered the best angle and subject for the shot. Record shots are fine to remember where you have been but then look for a more imaginative image that will have impact.
    • Think about the light source – shadows and highlights.
    • Set the appropriate ‘white balance’.
    • Try not to rely on the ‘automatic’ functions on the camera – judge the situation and endeavour to use the settings as you see the image that you want.

Anyone who needs help or advice on any of the above, please let me know – advice is always available from 7pm (prior to a meeting).

If you really want to make a difference (especially photographing people) sell all your unwanted Christmas on e bay and buy a Sekonic light meter!

Hope to see you all at our first meeting on Thursday 9th Jan.