Pre Club meeting for 20.02.14

Having just returned from my trip last night I was delighted to find that we came first in the ‘4- Way Inter Club Competition’ on the 11th Feb and that we achieved 3rd place at the ’12 Way Club Competition’ on 9th Feb. Especially that Anita Nutter’s ‘ Wood-nymph’ got the best Overall Print’.

Congratulations to those who entries were selected, we need to work hard over the rest of the year to build up another ‘quality’ selection in order to have material for next year.

On the contrary I was disappointed to find that we only had 18 entries from eight members for the ‘set subject’ comp. The subject was selected by members at last years’ AGM.

Submissions for competitions are not he ‘be and end all’ but unless members  make a real effort to join into this aspect of the club’s activities we cannot improve our skills and confidence .

I wish for the club to be ‘a members’ club and all to work as a team, for us all to benefit from ideas and skills of each other and this can only be achieved if all join in the activities. If anyone has any ideas how we can achieve this please let me know.

Members should not be put off if they think that their images are not winners, getting comments (good or bad) is what helps to build up one’s skills and confidence. So do your personal best and take part.

At this Thursdays’ meeting we will need the submission for up to two B & W mounted prints. Libby Smith who gave us a talk on B & W photography last October is our judge for this comp. she has a three hour round trip( in good weather) so it would be a disaster if we do not have sufficient  number of submissions. So please make a real effort.

Yes I am back and have started ‘moaning on’ again, but the principles and benefits of being a member of this club is important to me and I really want every member to also benefit from building up their skills and most of all enjoying this fascinating and ‘demanding’ hobby.