Musselburgh Museum

I have received the following which someone might be interesting in:-

Dear Clive, 
I'm Paul Lambie, a Trustee of Musselburgh Museum and a volunteer with East 
Lothian Archives in the John Gray Centre. For years the Musselburgh Museum 
Committee had the ambition of obtaining the late John Knight's collection of 
remarkable photographs from his son Stuart. 
Late last year Stuart gave to me and Craig Statham of East Lothian Archives 
most of the photographic prints to be catalogued and made available to the 
public for inspection: Stuart kept most of the negatives. It's a large 
collection and Craig hadn't got the time to start cataloguing it. 
Unfortunately he has just left East Lothian and has taken up a position as 
map curator in the National Library in Causewayside. 
He suggested to me that I try to get a Musselburgh Museum volunteer to take 
on this task, with guidance from Archives staff. So far nobody has come 
forward in the Museum, and I had the idea that the Camera Club may be a 
better place to find somebody with photographic and historical interests to 
do this job: there is published guidance for the cataloguing. 
So that is why I'm writing this note. I no longer live and work in 
Musselburgh. My address is:-
18 The Green, Pencaitland EH34 5HE, and my telephone number is 01875 341376. 
Paul Lambie