Club Meeting 06.03.14

We welcomed the Musselburgh Art Club to our joint annual visit last night where Peter Gray describer each of the 20 paintings that were on show, he talked about the different mediums and subjects captured expertly by the Art Club members.

Joe Fowler spoke about the print images from members of the MCC. Everyone said that it was an interesting and enjoyable evening, which concluded by refreshments, many thanks to those members who provided the fair.

There are many similarities between painting and photography. A painting reflex’s the painters thought and attitude and a photographer’s image should reflex the same creating an image that is personal and showing the photographers skills often assisted with the use of Photoshop.

Next week we have our B & W Club Competition, to be judged by Libby Smith who has a three hour round trip to give us her words of wisdom -so please come along and give your support. Unfortunately I will not be there as I have to go south.

March 20th George Todd and Jane Renton will be giving a presentation on their interest in photography and their photographic ambitions.

By 20th March we need the submission for the digital ‘Set Subject’ ‘Night Photography’. Please bring in a CD or e mail me up to three images and ensure that you change the file name to your club member number and then the title.        i.e   00 – My image.

March 27th We have a talk by Alistair ‘Nature – Up Close & Personal’ (one not to be missed).