Welcome to the 2015-2016 Season

It was good to see everyone at the open night on September 3rd, and I was delighted to chat to some potential new members over a cup of tea. I hope we can make them feel welcome. Thank you to all the committee members (and others) who helped to prepare the room.

We have an interesting and varied syllabus coming up. Click here for a syllabus listing. The syllabus includes 3 slots for members to show their work to the club. The first slot is on 1st October (followed by 5th November and 7th April  2016). You could be the first members to try out our shiny new projector! So if you have something interesting to show us (have you had a holiday somewhere interesting, been to an interesting event, learned a new technique, bought a new piece of equipment, etc…) please let Kenny Sharp know. We can have presentations from more than one member per evening, so you don’t need to fill the time on your own.

This year we have a competition every calendar month. Click here for competition dates and rules. Ask George Todd if you have questions. The session begins with the Digital Images competition. Submission of images is on 17th September, with the judging taking place on 8th October. This is the easiest competition to enter. Any subject is accepted, and you don’t need to print or mount the images. Find three of your best images and send them to George as JPEG files. (George has offered to help beginners to resize their images.)

The second competition is the Colour Print competition, with submission on 8th October and judging on 29th October. This is also an open competition, with any subject acceptable. Charlie Briggs can advise you how to mount your prints. Since the Digital Images and Colour Print are both open competitions, a good way to begin the year is to find your 6 best images. I usually make test prints to decide which ones look better as prints and which ones look better on the screen.

Some dates for your diary:

See you next Thursday evening.