Club Meeting 05 November 2015 (From Amateur to Pro)

This evening we were entertained by Nadin Dunnigan, who described her journey from from photography student and interested amateur to successful professional, specialising in wedding photography, portraits and advertising shots, while maintaining her interest in photographing landscapes and nature.  Nadin has been inspired by and compared with Michael Kenner, Jill Greenberg and Ray Collins. She prefers to photograph in natural light and uses a technique known as “top shade”, where subjects are photographed just inside a doorway. (I found this video introducing the technique.) She also prefers a shallow depth of field, and normally uses aperture priority mode with the camera set to f2.8 or f4, applying exposure compensation to adjust the exposure. Nadin is an inspiration to those amongst us who don’t like photographing people, and she showed us it is possible to make money from a hobby that you love.


We have had a disappointing number of entries for the human portrait print competition. Our judge, Steve McGonnell, has said he can accept our prints later than he originally planned, which means we have more time to enter. If you have any portrait prints you would like to enter please let George Todd know, and you can bring them along next week. Any print where the main subject is a person or a group of people is eligible for the human portrait competition. It isn’t restricted to one-on-one portraits.



Next week we have a talk on Photography and Creative Retouching by Lee Howell. (Check his web site for some amazing creations.)