Day Out Cockenzie Port Seton

A bitterly cold but sunny November Saturday when 8 club members ( 6 girls + 2 ) met up at 10:30 at Port Seton. After a coffee at the Cafe opposite the Co-op, everyone went out to explore the harbour area. The light was very bright but the sun occasionally clouded over giving better exposures. Lots of opportunities for coastal and abstract images for later competitions.  After about an hour, fingers were frozen so all moved off to the other end of the town and a look round Cockenzie Harbour. Then lunch at 12:30 at the Secret Garden Cafe in Cockenzie House.  Delicious soup and tea/coffee with strudel.  Cockenzie House is a 16th Century building with a large and beautiful garden. It is now a community centre with rooms for hire.  There was a beautiful display of art works on sale in the rooms at the front of the house. Next outing, between Christmas and New Year, will be to see Edinburgh Christmas lights. Watch this space.