Club Meeting 26 November 2015 (Human Portrait Competition)

This week Steve McGonnell of the Edinburgh Photographic Society judged the MCC Human Portrait print competition. Steve had written a detailed set of notes for each image, and gave each one a comprehensive critique. Distracting backgrounds were a common theme (watch out for background lines which cut through the subject’s head). Plain backgrounds or backgrounds which compliment the subject were preferred. Steve felt that eyes were an important part of a portrait, and the position of the eyes in the frame, the direction of the gaze, the expression in the eyes or the brightness of the eyes were often mentioned. There were some otherwise good images which, unfortunately, suffered from printing faults or had distracting colours. The top image was a beautifully-presented, silky-textured portrait with a great contrasting background called “Jasmine”. The top three images were:

  • Jasmine (Charlie Briggs)
  • Cheeky Face (Jennifer Davidson)
  • Tuyet (“Snow White”) (George Todd)

When the scores were added up, the placings were:

  • 1st Place – Charlie Briggs
  • 2nd Place – Jennifer Davidson
  • 3rd Place – George Todd, Steve Williams, Alan Fitchie, Steven Beard

Thank you to everyone who entered, and well done to Charlie, Jennifer and the other winners.

Our next competition will be the “Coast” set subject competition, which will be judged by Jennifer Davidson on 14th January 2016. The syllabus says that images must be submitted by 10th December, but Jennifer is happy for members to submit their images by 7th January 2016. So we all have the Christmas holidays to capture some more images.

Next week we have a presentation on wildlife photography by Ron McCombe. Ron gave us a presentation last year that was so good that we decided to ask him back. This time his presentation is being held at Beeslack Camera Club in Penicuik. Meet at the Fisherrow Centre at 7pm if you would like a lift. If you have your own transport, go to Beeslack High School, Edinburgh Road, Penicuik, EH26 0QF and aim to be there for 7:30pm. Come along and be inspired.

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  1. Please note that there has been a change of venue since my original post. Ron McCombe’s talk is taking place at Beeslack Camera Club and not at the Fisherrow Centre. Meet at Fisherrow at 7pm if you would like a lift, otherwise go to Beeslack High School, Edinburgh Road, Penicuik, EH26 0QF, for 7:30pm.

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