Club Meeting 03 December 2015

Our meeting on 3rd December didn’t happen as planned. To start with, we learned of a mix-up with the intended venue for the meeting when it was too late to tell everyone in person. Thank you to Liz for sending out the change of venue notices. Apologies to any members who came to Fisherrow and discovered too late that the venue had been changed to Beeslack in Penicuik. You didn’t miss much, though, because the poor weather, and an accident on the A701, conspired to prevent most of us reaching Penicuik. I heard that some members were stuck in the traffic for several hours. I hope you all managed to get home safely. Thank you for trying. A big “thank you” to Anita for warning us of the traffic, and to Gavin for driving Liz, Iwona and me out of the traffic in his 4×4 through the snowy streets of Loanhead. I expect we will all have stories to tell the next time we meet up.

I heard from the Beeslack club secretary that only 8 members made it to Penicuik, but they were treated to an outstanding presentation by Ron McCombe and his wife (who made it from Hawick despite several of the roads through the Borders being closed). Beeslack wished all our members a safe journey home and said they would keep the pile of uneaten sandwiches and cakes for the Audio Visual night on 28th January!

I hope everyone who would like to go to the Christmas social evening on 17th December has signed up with Joe and paid their deposit.

I am assured that this Thursday’s 4-way competition will be at Fisherrow. We are hosting Edinburgh, Haddington and Stirling camera clubs. It starts at the usual time of 7:30pm and will be in the large room at the back of the Fisherrow Centre. Walk down the corridor past the room where we normally meet and turn left. Besides the competition, there will be a chance to share cakes and sandwiches with members of the other clubs. I look forward to seeing you all and exchanging our stories.


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