Club Meeting 14 January 2016

This week we had the first of our three set subject competitions, judged by Jennifer Davidson. There were 60 images submitted altogether, showing members’ different interpretations of the theme of “coast”; including abstract images of sand patterns, seaweed or sea shells, coastal wildlife, portraits of people enjoying seaside activities, and landscape images of the rocky coastline, castles and lighthouses. All the images submitted were well captured and imaginative, and even the images which had distractions or Photoshop problems could be improved by cropping or reprocessing. The top images were:

  • Cockenzie Pier (Steven Beard)
  • Surge Gully (Mike Clark)
  • Saro Light Rocks (Martin Lunden)
  • Choppy Waters (Simon Wilkinson)

but the most talked about image was:

  • Blustery Winds (Helen Lunden)

because it included a coastal signpost with the word “Grunt”!

The top scorers were:

  • 4th place (49 points)
    • Steve Williams
  • 3rd = place (50 points)
    • Steven Beard
    • Martin Lunden
  • 2nd place (52 points)
    • Simon Wilkinson
  • 1st place (53 points)
    • Mike Clark

Mike wins an AO-sized print of an image of his choosing. The scores will be carried forward to the next set subject competition (themed “Dereliction”) on 25th February.

Next week there are two club meetings:

Some other announcements:

  • The club will be putting together an exhibition of members’ work for the 2016 Musselburgh Riding of the Marches. If you have up to 3 images of Musselburgh or Fisherrow you would like to contribute, please send a digital version of each image (sized to 1400 pixels) to George Todd. Later in the year, we will have a Musselburgh photoshoot as an opportunity to add more images
  • Mike,  Liz, Lesley and I will be getting together in a few days to discuss our future plans for the club website. Do you find the website useful? What aspects do you like or not like? How could it be improved? If you have feedback or ideas, please email Mike, Liz, Lesley or me.