24 September 2020 (Outdoor Photoshoot Roundup)

On 24th September club members met to discuss their experiences visiting the The Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh.  Members had visited the gardens on different days and at different times, and had photographed the plants and flowers under different lighting conditions. We took turns to show the images we had captured during our visit. We quickly discovered the following subjects had attracted attention and been independently photographed by members in different ways:

  • The young moorhen in the pond.
  • The plants growing in the rock garden.
  • An inquisitive squirrel.

There were lots of photographs of flowers and wildlife, photographs showing the texture of tree bark and photographs showing the natural patterns made by leaves and foliage.  There were also some photographs of the patterns created by the flotsam in the pond, and a lovely photograph of the Chinese pavilion.

This was our first practice at screen sharing in Zoom and it worked.