28 October 2021 (Digital Knockout Competition)

Our annual digital knockout competition took place earlier than usual this year, on 28th October 2021. This year the subject was “Three Colours”, and members submitted 3 JPEG images, each with a different dominant colour.

13 members entered 39 images into the competition. We had some added complications due to the hybrid nature of the meeting this year, with 6 of the images from Zoom attendees stuck in limbo because they had been emailed too late. The remote attendees shared their screens to show the late images, which needed a lot of screen jugging during the evening. (If we are still having hybrid meetings next year we’ll set an earlier cut off time for remote entries.)

Carol Edmund and Charlie Briggs had got into the spirit of the time of year by coming in Halloween costume. Come to think of it, nobody photographed the costumes. But thanks to Carol and Charlie for cheering us up.

The competition had inspired some very creative images. There with images of brightly coloured animals, leaves and flowers. There were urban scenes of coloured lights; abstract scenes of water droplets, reflections or chocolate; and a brightly coloured car. The images were paired together in a series of head-to-head rounds until only 5 remained. Members then voted for their favourite to determine the final placings, and the result was:

  • 5th place
    • Blue Canary Warf (George Todd)
  • 4rd place
    • Blue Meconopsis (Steven Beard)
  • 3rd Place
    • Pink Rose (Jennifer Davidson)
  • 2nd Place
    • Wild Geese Golden Orangle (Mike Clark)
  • 1st Place
    • Red [Poppy Field] (Gordon Davidson)

Well done to Gordon Davidson, whose winning image featured a girl in a red dress in a poppy field looking at a stormy sky. Mike Clark’s second placed image showed a flock of geese silhouetted against a fiery orange sunset, Jennifer Davidson’s third placed image showed the folded petals of a beautiful pink rose. Steven Beard’ s image showed two blue meconopsis flowers, and George Todd’s image showed the urban landscape around Canary Warf lit by blue lamps.

Reminder: If you would like to come to the club Christmas dinner on 16th December 2021 please email Joe Fowler and bring a £10 deposit to the next club meeting.

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