Change of Programme for 13th January 2022 & Human Portrait Competition

Sadly, we have had to cancel the “Match an Image” competition scheduled for 13th January 2022. After taking suggestions from members this week, we have decided to make 13th January a themed members’ evening. Everyone is encouraged to take some Christmas-themed photographs during the festive season and send up to 3 JPEGs to George Todd. George will shuffle them and show them on 13th January for comments and feedback. The event will be similar to our socially-distanced photoshoot roundup last year.

George is going to contact Gordon Scott and suggest that we make the “Human Portrait Print” competition a true print competition this year. This will give members a chance to practice and get feedback on their printing and mounting skills. You can either bring your prints to the Fisherrow Centre on 6th January or can arrange with George to hand them over at a convenient location. Don’t forget to send George 3 JPEGs as well.

I hope you all have a happy, successful and enjoyable Christmas break.


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