06 January 2022 (Set Subject Competition – Reflections)

Our first club meeting after Christmas was the first of our 3 set subject competitions: competition A on the subject of “Reflections”.  The competition was judged by Malcolm Roberts, who had won last year’s competition.

27 images had been entered by 9 members, with different techniques used to capture the reflection. There were images of reflections in lochs, harbours and rivers; and reflections in windows and shiny floors.  Jennifer Davidson had used a puddle to capture a unique reflected view of the Kelpies and Carol Edmond had captured flowers reflected in a mirror and glass table.  But perhaps the most intriguing image was John West’s photograph of a reflection in a spoon.  Malcolm awarded the highest points to the most atmospheric images taken in the best lighting and with the fewest distractions, and Mike Clark’s beautiful “Misty Morning Loch Ard” was admired by all.  Malcolm noted that some of the images had lost detail in the shadows or highlights. He also suggested cropping some images to home in on the detail, or using a different viewpoint to balance the composition (which isn’t always possible when standing on a balcony or next to water).

The top scorers were (in reverse order):

  • 5th place (47 points)
    • George Todd
  • 4th place (48 points)
    • John West
  • 3rd place (49 points)
    • Steven Beard
    • Carol Edmund
  • 2nd place (50 points)
    • Mike Clark
  • 1st place (52 points)
    • Joe Fowler

The top images were:

  • Misty Morning Loch Ard (Mike Clark) – 20 points
  • Island Reflection (Joe Fowler) – 19 points
  • Painterly Reflection (John West) – 18 points
  • Little Mandarin Duck (Joe Fowler) – 17 points
  • Disney Castle (Steven Beard) – 17 points
  • Granton Harbour (Steven Beard) – 17 points
  • Floral Reflection (Carol Edmund) – 17 points

Well done to Joe Fowler, who wins the right to judge next year’s competition.  This is the first of a 3-part competition, with the final result depending on the total score from the best 2 competitions. The observant will notice that only 1 point separates the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places, so at this stage everybody is still in with a chance.

Please note that the image hand-in date for part 2 of this competition (on the theme of “Travel In Scotland”) is this coming Thursday, 13th January 2022. Please send your 3 JPEG images to George Todd.  Images for the final part of the competition (on the theme of “Street Photography”) are due on 3rd March 2022.

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