Battle of Prestonpans, 18-19 September 2021

The Battle of Prestonpans re-enactment takes place this year at Greenhills park in Prestonpans during the weekend of Saturday, 18th and Sunday, 19th September 2021. More information and tickets can be found at the following link:

There are also some online events taking place to commemorate the battle. See the following links for more information:

26 November 2020 (Model Photography)

On 26th November 2020 we had our first virtual speaker of the year. Les Duff from Midlothian Camera Club joined our Zoom meeting to talk about his model photography. Les has had 40 years of experience in photography. He explained how he had got started in model photography, helping out a family member with a photoshoot and giving out business cards. Les now finds work with the aid of the following modelling and portfolio sites:

You can join these sites as a photographer or a model and describe the kind of work you are looking for. The site then shows you models or photographers who fit the criteria you are looking for. To join a site you need to submit a portfolio of images which meet the site’s standards. Les also showed us his own personal web sites:

Les likes landscape photography and prefers to take his shots outdoors. He showed us a variety of different shots taken in scenic locations such as Longniddry Bents, Hailes Castle and Colinton Dell. Les’ shots varied from fashion photography to nude, with nude being the most difficult to get right. Les prefers to do only minimal processing on each shot, preferring to get each shot right in camera. He will correct the white balance and levels but prefers not to apply a skin softening filter unless specifically requested. Most of Les’ outdoor shots are lit naturally, but he will use a reflector or fill-in flash to lighten shadows. Les uses prime lenses for the best quality (85mm for portraits and 45mm for whole body shots) and carries two camera bodies so he doesn’t waste time changing lenses. The best shots are usually taken looking horizontally at the model (Les often goes down on one knee to get the best angle). Shots looking up or down tend to be less flattering.

Les also showed us some of his indoor studio work. These have an entirely different feel from the outdoor shots: plain backgrounds and softer lighting. Les normally uses two softbox lights either side of the model to produce the soft lighting, but he also uses vertical strip lights to cast shadows and emphasise body contours. Occasionally he will recreate outdoor conditions indoors by (for example) using a single spotlight to simulate the beam cast by a street light.

Thank you to Les for visiting us, showing us your work and answering our questions.


Photographers needed for school prom on 5th June 2020

The club has been contacted by an S6 pupil from Preston Lodge High School in Prestonpans to find out if any club members would be willing to take some souvenir portraits of the class at their final year school prom at 7:30pm at the Strawberry Barn in Dunbar (near the Thistly Cross roundabout) on 5th June 2020. The pupils would like to be photographed on arrival. I think we will need more than one photographer to photograph them all in a short space of time while they are arriving (luckily it’s June so there should be daylight). The pupils are happy to reimburse expenses, although they can’t afford professional prices. To save time and costs they would be happy to accept digital copies of the photos and make and frame the prints themselves.

If you can help out on 5th June please let Joe or Steven know.


Visit by Musselburgh Camera Club members to Mölnlycke Fotoklubb, Gothenburg 26-29th April 2019

Helen and Martin Lunden from Gothenburg joined Musselburgh Camera Club while working in Edinburgh. A link and competitions, with an exchange of digital images, had been established by Musselburgh Camera Club with their home club, Mölnlycke Fotoklubb in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city in the west of the country. The Swedish club invited a group of Musselburgh members to travel over for a visit and 8 members signed up to visit them for a weekend.

We were made extremely welcome by the Mölnlycke Fotoklubb members, in particular Helen and Martin went above and beyond the call of duty to show us the best of Sweden and entertain us.

The Friday evening was very warm and we walked through the cobbled old Haga district where we had a meal with a few Mölnlycke members and later strolled back to the hotel.

Saturday was Fika (a Swedish tradition of mid-morning coffee and a bun) followed by a day being driven around the west coast islands by the club members, followed by a meal in a cosy restaurant. Sadly it rained for most of the day, but didn’t stop us enjoying it. The scenery is stunning; lots of small islands with little coloured houses, beautiful rock forms and wild flowers.

Sunday morning was street photography with Agneta Delleforres Dryden. She is a well known photographer and until recently a member of Molnlycke Fotoklubb.
She was excellent and gave us lots of good ideas. I think everyone learned something. She has an interesting website “Agneta Dellefors, fotograf“.

Musselburgh Camera Club and Molnlycke Fotoklubb members enjoying their tour of Gothenburg. Back row: Martin Lunden, Jan Arell (“Reluctant Chairman” of Molnlycke), Liz Sowler, George Todd, Agneta Dellefors (our street photography guide), Jennifer Davidson. Middle row: Helen Lunden, Patricia and Ken Sharp, George Smith. At the front: Kevin Johnston. Photo credit: Joe Fowler.

An enjoyable morning was followed by lunch then a few hours free time to wander around Gothenburg. We were picked up by Fotoklubb members on Sunday evening and driven out to the beautiful old school in the country east of Gothenburg where they hold their meetings. Now we know where all the images of misty lakes and birch trees come from. A Swedish supper was followed by a relaxed fun competition and lots of laughter.

It was a very busy weekend and all went very well, apart from one or two hiccups. Everyone enjoyed meeting Mölnlycke members and they seemed to enjoy having us there. Joe is hoping to do a presentation of images taken by Musselburgh members during the visit later in the year, if we can find a slot in next season’s club programme.