Club Meeting 04.10.12

Liz has kindly informed me that there was ‘a good turn out’ for the judging of the Digital Print Competition, fortunately I had a preview of the 68 entries and they were all of a good standard and quite variant in the type of images.

I hope you all got some benefit from his remarks, as I did not feature in the top six I can’t  mage what he thought of my two! (perhaps I can!!)

Liz did say he suggested  “Why not get up high or low down for a different and original viewpoint to stand out from the crowd ? Worth thinking about.

I have posted the top 6 winners on the MCC web site under ‘competitions’.

With respect to the web site I have just registered all current members onto the site – those that have not been on before should receive an e mail asking you to agree/confirm (not sure of the phraseology), but please reply and then I can dispense with ‘the chairman’s report’ via normal e mail and thus cut out the duplication.

With any matters that fall outside the web site environment I will continue with normal

e mails

Next week members will see how photos can be taken even if it is pouring with rain! Mike Clark will introduce us to ‘Under water photography’, with vision and sound, only sorry that I will miss it, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

Also please remember to bring two mounted prints (with a CD if possible),with title and club number on the back. It would be nice to have everyone participating, so lets have a good increase in entries.