Club Meeting 11.10.12

What an evening I missed – David Howie was so impressed that last might he sent me the following which really sums it up:-

“I’m just in from the Camera Club. You missed an amazing presentation from Mike. He gave us some of his own background, the type of equipment he uses, and an overview of where to dive in Scotland and the types of wreckage and marine life one is likely to encounter. His images were outstanding and quite literally out of this world. It just shows what talent we have within our own members. He even brought along the camera he uses though he did comment that he was a bit concerned about taking it out on such a wet   night !!”

Many thanks to Mike, I will have to get him to give me a private viewing.

We apparently also collected in the colour prints, which was less than I had hoped for, but we all will be able to see them on the 25th October, when they will be commented on by Doughie Allan.

I hope that might inspire more of you to enter the ‘Human Portrait Comp.’ where we need to have entries in by Thursday 1st November meeting. The images can be of anyone, family, friend or foe. Even crop a person from one of your images, experiment and have a go.

Next week we are to see and hear about some of the photographic work of Joe Fowler and Jim Todd, so come along and see what your fellow members have been up to.

Hope to see you all then.