Club Meeting 04.04.13

We welcomed Kirkcaldy Camera Club last night for our annual inter-club competition. Neil Scott – who gave us such an interesting & enlightening talk in January on his topic ‘A silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear’, was the judge. Owing to the distance involved Neil agreed to judge the images ‘on the hoof’, so ‘first impressions’ was what was going to count.

There were ten prints and ten projected images from each club and although Neil said that they were all of high standard, he was going to judge them against each other and therefore the marks would be awarded on the basis of quality of the better images. This would result in some images getting a lower mark if they had been marked on their own merits.

The end result was that Musselburgh received five marks more for the projected images but fell behind in the prints, thus Kirkcaldy CC took first place with a total of 334 points to MCC’s of 322.

Liz and her team had provided a ‘winning’ layout of refreshments, so we were able to give a high quality of hospitality to the victors.

Next week I propose do a session on macro photography – a brief Power Point and then a workshop. Please bring along your camera and a tripod.

Also if you have any camera equipment you want to sell, bring it along and perhaps members may be interested – I suggest that you put a label on it with your name and club number, so items do not get mixed up. It will be up to you to do the ‘negotiation’ and ‘sales pitch’.

Joe has arranged the visit to the Deer Park this Sunday – if you want to go along please send an e mail to him – – regarding arrangements.

The next Photoshop Workshop will be held on Tuesday 16th April, so please come along as we all need to raise our skills  so that we can produce more ‘winning images’.