Epson R1800

A couple of weeks ago Terry May offered his printer to a good home. I took him up on the offer but unfortunately as I have nowhere to permanently site the printer at present, it is not going to work out for me.  I am therefore offering it on in the hope that another member can make good use of it.

The printer comes with a CIS system with lots of ink, and another complete Projet CIS system should you wish to fit it.  All in all, an excellent thing to have.

If you are interested in the printer please email me at  First come, first served.



MCC Facebook Page

Due to overwhelming demand (well, one person asked for it) I have created a MCC Facebook page.  You can access this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page or by searching for Musselburgh Club on Facebook.  So if you are a Facebook user, please “like” the page, post some photos and add any information about photo opportunities that you think may be of interest to other members.  The page isn’t much to look at at the moment but if we all make good use of it it has the potential to be another useful resource and  another way of promoting the club to non-members.




Digital image competition

Hi All,

As if you needed reminding, submissions for the Digital Image competition are due in on Thursday.  If you are unable to burn images to a disc or copy them to a usb stick then you can email them to and I will send them on to our competition secretary, George Todd.  Images should be sized at 1400 by 1050.

Club Meeting 18.04.13

Last night brought our current weekly session to an end with our AGM taking place and the presentation of trophies to the members who achieved the highest marks in the club competitions.

We had a number of new officers and committee members voted onto the committee, so I am looking forward to working with them and developing new ideas etc to make further improvements to the club.

Congratulation to all the trophy winners, details will soon be on the web site, together with a group ‘mug shot’.

The syllabus has been set up for next session, with the first meeting starting on Thursday 5th of September, details are on the web site. We hope that you will find it of interest and for it to be an aid to develop your interest and skills in this fascinating hobby of photography.

Meantime we will continue with our workshops, with the next Photoshop Workshop on Tuesday 21st May. Please make an effort to attend this as impute is required to see how this workshop can be developed further, Jim Todd has some training videos that we would like to ‘lend’ to you. So please do not miss out on this opportunity. If you cannot make this date, please let me have your ideas as to the way forward, members impute is vital.

Other dates for your diary:-

            Joe Fowler is running further workshops on the last Saturday of each month at Southfields Stationers – the first on 27th April 10-Noon. If you are interest or want more details contact him on:-

            The Museum of Flight at East Fortune are holding another ‘Wartime Experience’

            on Sunday 12th May – a great photo opportunity. See their web site:-


For those who are not on the library rota, please visit one of the libraries, details on the web site under ‘Coming Up’

The Set Subject competition subjects were voted on last night with:-

            Colour Print              Street photography.

            Digital Projection     Night photography

So with festival coming up there will be plenty of material to work at. Please also start to think about the other club competitions, details on the web. With a camera and a little imagination start to fill the ‘cards’ and with the help of the workshops start to craft some satisfying images, but best of all – enjoy what you are doing.

I will try to keep in touch as ideas and opportunities arise.


Club Meeting 11.04.13

I hope that some members picked up a few ideas and motivation to develop their skill in respect of macro photography. An interesting aspect which takes patience and an aim to get full and sharp detail of the subject, it just takes a bit of initative and experiment.

Next week will be the last meeting of this session, so if you have not yet done so, please bring in a couple of prints for consideration for  the library exhibition.

On next Tuesday 16th April will be a further Photoshop Workshop, well worth coming along to, no need to book, just turn up, with a laptop if you have one.

Our last meeting on Thursday 18th April will be in two parts, the first being the statutory AGM. We strive to make all members to be fully part of the club so please make an effort to attend. Also members will be asked to come up with two subjects for the ‘Set Subject’ competition, so please give this some though and make your suggestions at the meeting which will then be voted on.

The second part of the meeting will be the presentation to the club’s winning members of trophies and medals, followed by ‘some nibbles’.

So I look forward to seeing full support and turnout of members.




Club Meeting 04.04.13

We welcomed Kirkcaldy Camera Club last night for our annual inter-club competition. Neil Scott – who gave us such an interesting & enlightening talk in January on his topic ‘A silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear’, was the judge. Owing to the distance involved Neil agreed to judge the images ‘on the hoof’, so ‘first impressions’ was what was going to count.

There were ten prints and ten projected images from each club and although Neil said that they were all of high standard, he was going to judge them against each other and therefore the marks would be awarded on the basis of quality of the better images. This would result in some images getting a lower mark if they had been marked on their own merits.

The end result was that Musselburgh received five marks more for the projected images but fell behind in the prints, thus Kirkcaldy CC took first place with a total of 334 points to MCC’s of 322.

Liz and her team had provided a ‘winning’ layout of refreshments, so we were able to give a high quality of hospitality to the victors.

Next week I propose do a session on macro photography – a brief Power Point and then a workshop. Please bring along your camera and a tripod.

Also if you have any camera equipment you want to sell, bring it along and perhaps members may be interested – I suggest that you put a label on it with your name and club number, so items do not get mixed up. It will be up to you to do the ‘negotiation’ and ‘sales pitch’.

Joe has arranged the visit to the Deer Park this Sunday – if you want to go along please send an e mail to him – – regarding arrangements.

The next Photoshop Workshop will be held on Tuesday 16th April, so please come along as we all need to raise our skills  so that we can produce more ‘winning images’.


Club Meeting 21.03.13

The last internal club competition was held last night. The set subject this year was ‘Abstract/quirky ‘ Our last year’s winner, Jennifer Davidson, took a lot of time in studying the 28 entries and gave her judicious views and opinion on each entry, all of which showed a high standard of initiative and imagination.

Following a difficult task Jenifer picked out the three winners, awarding first prize to Ken Sharp, with his inspiring image of a seat, second place to Anita Nutter, with an alternative view of the ‘Bass Rock’ and Rob Wilson in third place with  an intriguing pattern.

Next week Members look forward to hearing how the ‘Works of Art’ were thought up and creatted .

On Thursday the 4th April, we have the inter club competition with Kirkcaldy Camera Club, They will have at least a three hour round trip to visit us, so please make an effort to come along and support us and show them what a fantastic and vibrant club we have.

The ‘volunteer’ list is on the notice board for the six library exhibitions starting in May, so please choose a ‘spot’ and in addition will everyone look out a printed image that can be used in the exhibition, so that it shows a good cross section of the club’s work.


Club Meeting 14.03.13

The Annual Four Way  Competition took place last night, it was a close run event but Musselburgh triumphed with Haddington C C  coming second, Beeslack C C third and Midlothian C C in forth place.

There was good support from all clubs and Richard Bingham, the judge, gave a very fair and thorough assessment of each of the projected images and prints. Giving guidance that in his opinion would have improved the image and thus the score. Too tight cropping or cropping out areas that distracted, highlight areas that needed attention and some aspects where perhaps they had been ‘over Photoshopped’. Depth of field was also areas where perhaps paying attention to camera settings or angle of the shot would have made a substantial improvement to the final image.

It really proved how taking care at the outset and having a raw file to work on in Photoshop you can create a work of art that stands out from the general ‘happy snapper’.

Thus the reason for running the Photoshop Workshops, the next one will be on this coming Tuesday (19th March) – 7.30pm – Fisherrow  room 4. Please come along if you need help, if you have a laptop, please bring it along, if not bring along the ‘Club CD’ as they may be something worth taking advantage of.

Next week we will be having the submissions for the ‘Abstract/Quirky ‘ judged by our last year’s winner Jennifer. So not only do you get a cup for winning, you can become a judge for the night!

There is a report in this week’s East Lothian Courier, detailing our joint meeting with the Musselburgh Art Club.


Club Meeting 21.02.13

A very interesting AV evening last, Out of this World by Steven Beard and Around the World in 20 minutes by Malcolm Roberts. Steve took us to Chile to see the landscape getting there and much of it actually looked like the Moon. He was the IT part of a commissioning team that was setting up a massive radio telescope, which we saw being assembled and then had some amazing photos of nebulae and stars – Patrick Moore would certainly liked to have seen his AV.

With Malcolm we were able to see most of the American canyons, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and even Prestonpans among many other places. The selection of music on both AV’s were appropriate and tied in with the images.

Well done to both of you, it will be a good start to the new set up AV group.

From last week it seemed to be confirmed that there are real benefits in having a comprehensive ‘Data Base’ of images that represent the work of club members.

I unfortunately  have a ‘hang up’ that when I have an idea that I think really works that I am like a dog with a bone – once my teeth are in it I don’t let go. The ‘Data Base’ is my current ‘bone’, so I would like all members to get involved in this scheme and let me have new images and updated images, when improvements are made so that the data can be updated and improved upon. Just put them on the ‘Club CD’ and I will do the rest.

However any member that does not wish to be involved, like all good web sites ‘can unsubscribe’ – just let me know and give back the CD and then I will not ‘hound’ them.

With the two workshops under way in respect of AV and Photoshop these should help and encourage members to make the most of their images and presentations.

If anyone else have any ‘bone’ ideas, let me know and we can investigate them.

Next week we have Duncan Forbes from the National Portrait Gallery, which holds Scotland’s Photographic Collection.

The following week, 7th March(note we will be in room 32) we have an evening with Musselburgh Art Club where we will be comparing the two arts. Please also bring in your ‘Set Subject’ prints (abstract or some thing quirky).

Worth Visiting – award-winning photographer Laurie Campbell’s exhibition at SOC Waterston House, Aberlady. Closes on 27th  April.