Club Meeting 24 September 2015 (Is Getting It Right Enough?)

Last night we had a fascinating presentation by award-winning photographer, Billy Currie, who showed us how post-processing with Lightroom or Photoshop can turn a dull-looking image into a first-class photograph. The first important thing is to get the image right in camera. Billy uses the following techniques to achieve this:

  • Camera set to manual exposure mode.
  • Images saved to RAW files.
  • Camera set to ISO 200.
  • Lens aperture set to the middle of the range (f8 to f13).
  • Camera set to autofocus with a single focus point for wildlife and sports photography, or set manually to the hyperfocal distance for landscape photography.
  • Use of a tripod and a timer or remote release to prevent camera shake.
  • Image evaluated using the histogram, not the preview on the camera screen. The exposure is adjusted until the highlights just touch the right hand side.

Billy then explained how an image can be greatly improved by adjusting the brightness, contrast and white-balance settings, correcting for lens distortion and vignetting and appropriate cropping. After making these basic corrections, an image can be turned into a work of art with techniques such as applying a different white balance to different areas, applying brightness gradients to darken skies or make flat surfaces more appealing, and making fine adjustments by dodging and burning. The before and after images at the end showed what can be achieved.



Mike Clark and Alan Fitchie have kindly offered to show us some of their work.

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  1. Note that the eclipse times I originally posted were an hour earlier than they should have been. They were GMT, not BST.

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