Club Meeting 01 October 2015 (Members Evening)

Sometimes we don’t need an external speaker to make an entertaining evening. This evening Alan Fitchie and Mike Clark showed us some of their work. Alan showed us some impressive images of sunsets, landscapes with contrasting colours, and lots of spectacular firework shots taken during the Edinburgh Festival. Alan introduced us to a novel technique for balancing the exposure while photographing fireworks – place your hand in front of the lens while the shutter is open. Mike gave us a “Mike Clark Unplugged” presentation, since the short notice meant that most of Mike’s images were straight out of the camera and hadn’t yet been post-processed. Despite this, Mike still showed us some high quality images, showing what can be done if you “get it right in camera”. Mike took us on a tour of the club outings so far during 2015 (and made me realise just how many of these I had missed!), and also presented some of his stunning macro and diving photographs (one of which was recently published in a newspaper).

If any new members are reading this, Mike is the club webmaster and a stalwart of the club’s Flikr page. Mike’s images can be viewed here. If you would like to join the club’s Flikr group, ask Mike (or another member) to invite you onto the group.


Next week we have the Digital Images Competition, our first competition of the year. Good luck to all who have entered their digital images.

At the same time, next week is also the date for submissions to the Coloured Print Competition. Please bring your three mounted prints next week and give them to George Todd, or put them in George’s portfolio folder. The rules for colour print entries can be found here. Charlie Briggs has kindly offered to show new members how to mount their prints.

See you all next week.