04 November 2021 (Colour Print Competition)

Our colour print competition took place on 4th November 2021.  Since we are still in a period of hybrid meetings, with not all club members able to attend at Fisherrow and deliver prints, this competition was judged digitally. Clive Watkins, president of Irvine Camera Club, judged the competition and presented the results by Zoom.  Clive told us he had been a photographer for more than 20 years and, after being at the receiving end of judges’ comments for a few years, he decided to become a judge himself. He told us that a photograph first needs to look good and be technically well executed. But photography is a work of art, and a photograph also needs to make a statement or have an emotional impact.  You can view some of Clive’s work in the Irvine Camera club gallery or on his web site (Siglov).

16 members had entered 48 images altogether. There were wildlife images of birds, insects, a hare, and a fox. There were photographs of flowers, landscapes, sport and urban architecture and one or two portraits and still life compositions.  A popular image with the audience on the night was Carol Edmund’s lovely portrait “Stylish”.  Clive commented on the composition of each image, the shapes formed by the components, and the separation of the subject from the background.  Some of the landscape images could be improved by cropping out areas of dull lighting.  Some of the images had a large expanse of green grass in the background. He suggested reducing the contrast of the background and reducing the green saturation so that the grass didn’t detract from the main subject.  Some members had photographed their subject against a plain black background. While this helped to separate the subject technically, Clive felt that a plain background didn’t help to present a subject (and made it look cut out). He suggested choosing a background which harmonises with the subject. For example, photograph flowers against a background of greenery, and photograph nuts, cones, seeds and spices against a natural background of wood or slate.

Clive ended his presentation by taking us through his top images in reverse order, which were:

  • Following the Leader (George Todd) – 18 points
  • Poppy Girl (Gordon Davidson) – 18 points
  • Stylish (Carol Edmund) – 18 points
  • Humming Bird (George Todd) – 19 points
  • Cheeky Fox Cub (Mike Clark) – 19 points
  • Lone Tree Last Night (Mike Clark) – 19 points
  • The Race Is On (Mike Clark) – 20 points

When the points were added up, the top scorers were revealed to be (in reverse order):

  • 5th place (49 points)
    • Elaine Gilroy
    • Carol Edmund
  • 4th place (50 points)
    • Malcolm Roberts
  • 3rd place (51 points)
    • Jennifer Davidson
    • Gordon Davidson
  • 2nd place (53 points)
    • George Todd
  • 1st place (58 points)
    • Mike Clark

Congratulations to Mike Clark, who managed to secure Clive’s top image of the night and two of his second placed images, making his total just two points short of a perfect score. Congratulations also to George Todd, Jennifer Davidson and Gordon Davidson for winning silver and bronze medals.

Next week we have our first members evening. George and Joe will show some of their work, but we may have some time to fill. If you have any images you would like to show please bring them along to Fisherrow or have them ready at home if you are connecting by Zoom. Don’t forget to submit your 3 JPEG images for the “black and white print” competition this week.

See you on Thursday,


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